What in the world is Silan?

Jul 7th 2023

What in the world is Silan?

Silan is an ancient condiment, thousands of years old. It is a sweet fruit syrup extracted from dates, and is also known as date honey, date syrup, or rub.

Extremely popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Silan has a thick, copper-brown coloring, and has too many uses to mention.

Allergic to bees honey or on a no-sugar diet? Our date Silan (and all of our fruit honeys) are:

100% fruit, all natural, vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, non-dairy, and supervised kosher.

Manufactured on the premises in our Columbus, OH facility, in the heart of America, our Silan has many versatile uses.

Try it:

  • as a dip for fruit or bread,
  • as a marinade,
  • drizzled on yogurt, oatmeal, cheese, desserts, or ice cream,
  • in smoothies,
  • paired with your favorite healthy dish
  • mix it in with tahini
  • on savory meat, poultry, fish dishes,
  • and on vegetables.

Many of our customers use our Silan for their baking needs as well.

Enjoy the original Silan date honey, and all our other unique varieties, including raisin honey, prune honey, and apricot honey.