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Since, 1988 Fresh Roasted Almond Company has earned the trust of thousands of businesses like your own through:

1) Quality - innovative recipes, authentic ingredients, and trademarked processes make remarkable final products your customers will keep coming back to you for.

2) Price - we recognize that we only make a profit when you make a profit, so we price our products accordingly.

3) Delivery - you can't take chances with your business; we fulfill orders accurately and turn around fast, delivering on time, every time. Since 1988, we've built up strong relationships with the country's biggest food distributors, and we can handle any size order, big or small.

Let us ship you some tasty 1 oz. samples of any of our products, absolutely free, and if you like, we can have a conversation afterwards and learn more about your needs.

Simply stroll through our online retail store, and whatever catches your eye, make a note of and call us to order at 800-478-6887, or email us at sales@freshroastedalmondco.com

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Classic Cinnamon Coated Almonds

Pareve Chocolate Coated Almonds

Silan Date Honey

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-Dan Levy, co-founder

Fresh Roasted Almond Company