The proper way to serve and eat nuts

Posted by Fresh Roasted Almond Company on Aug 1st 2018

The proper way to serve and eat nuts

Mix Up Your Nuts

Presentation matters, so dumping straight from the “deluxe assortment” can isn't the most satisfying way to serve nut medleys.

Why not try those little jars or pretty cups that people can pick up for easy snacking?

(We’re fans of little mason jar shot glasses.)

You can also fill paper candy cups or mini muffin cups with a variety of nuts, crackers or cheese cubes.

For an elegant new way to serve cocktail-hour snacks…break out those sterling silver demitasse spoons your grandmother left you and fill one bowl with spoons and another with nuts.

Guests can spoon a few nuts into their hand and munch away.

This kills two birds with one stone. You have maintain individual portion control and you also avoid fingertips in the food.


Table manners for eating nuts

Dry, one-seeded fruits, nuts are eaten with the fingers.

At the table, though, a nut spoon is provided to spoon nuts from bowl to plate.

Good table manners call for a spoon to be provided with finger foods served from a common bowl. 

Don't use your hands to take nuts from the common bowl, use the spoon (this rule applies to any unwrapped food presented in a common bowl).

For a more hygienic presentation, instead of a communal bowlful o’ nuts at your next get-together, try putting the snacks and party mix in clear-glass narrow-necked decanters.

This way, guests can pour out their portions rather than scoop them up with potentially germy hands.

The clean-lined vessels look fresh and modern, and are of course, more sanitary.