5 Bag Sampler Pack

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What if we told you we'll give you a 1.5 oz. bag of each of our most popular, fresh roasted nuts, in our most popular fresh, roasted flavors? And FREE SHIPPING!!!

5 bags (7.5 oz. total)!?!


This is a great way to get to know our flavored, fresh roasted products and find a few favorites.

You get one 1.5 oz. bag of

1) almonds, 2) pecans, 3) peanuts, 4) cashews, and 5) walnuts...

In our most popular flavors (like Vanilla Rum, Buffalo Flavor, Cinnamon Vanilla, etc.). 

Because of our unique, fresh roasted process, substitutions are not available on this item. 

For a product that is completely customizable, click here.

(Nuts and flavors vary, depending on seasonal availability).

Have fun with this package!

Limit 1 per customer.