4 Flavor Variety Pack - Fruit Honey (four 8 oz. jars)

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Silan is an ancient condiment, thousands of years old. It is a sweet fruit syrup extracted from dates, and is also known as date honey, date syrup, or rub.

Extremely popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Silan has a thick, copper-brown coloring, and has many versatile uses in the kitchen.

Allergic to bees honey or on a no-sugar diet? Our date Silan (and all of our fruit honeys) are: 

100% fruit, all natural, vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, non-dairy, no sugar and supervised kosher.

Now available as a variety pack of 4 half-pound glass jars, containing a half lb. each of one of our pure, all natural fruit honey flavors:

Original Date, Raisin, Apricot, and Prune.

That's 2 lbs. of fruit for $34!

Attending a dinner party? This set makes for a unique and memorable dinner gift.

Grab this elegant and delicious variety set while it lasts!