Another healthy, great-tasting Old World favorite. This Middle Eastern recipe starts with us slow roasting our quality walnuts, then glazing them ever-so-lightly with Karo (not high-fructose corn syrup or sugar, like many other nut manufacturers).

The result? A LIGHTLY sweetened nut that retains the majority of the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory health benefits, without any of the bitterness usually associated with walnut skins. 

See what all the fuss is about! 


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Cinnamon pecans

Alan Boyce on Feb 11th 2018

WOW great taste very fresh

Glazed walnuts

Alan Boyce on Feb 11th 2018

Taste great very fresh

Vanilla rum pecans

Alan Boyce on Feb 11th 2018

Very fresh fast delivery great taste Taste like pecan pie


Robert Mckim on Feb 4th 2018


glazed walnus

leah wiedeman on Dec 19th 2017

the walnuts were very good but I was really disappointed with the glaze. I expected more of a hard glaze rather then dusting of sweetness. The nuts themselves however were great but I was disappointed because it was not what I was expecting for a glazed walnut


Thanesha Winborne on Oct 16th 2017


Glazed walnuts was amazing

stephanie gray on Oct 6th 2017

They was absolutely delicious.

Glazed walnuts

J. Cheromiah on Oct 6th 2017

These are great for cooking, baking, and adding to salads.