Classic Cinnamon Almonds - (Bulk, by the lb.)


We purchase the finest California almonds, then dry roast them (never in oil!) with a simple yet exotic blend of Korintje cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar.

Our proprietary method locks in the pungent aroma and taste, and the two fold vanilla coating adds a creamy finish.

These cinnamon almonds, look, smell, and taste HEAVENLY.

Made to order means we only roast them after you order, so you're not getting a product that's been sitting on a supermarket shelf for half a year or longer.

Now available in bulk, by the pound.

Everyone deserves a treat, and our classic cinnamon roasted almonds, made on the premises, do the trick, EVERY TIME. 


Bulk Discounts

Buy 2 - 2 and get 5% off

Buy 3 - 3 and get 7% off

Buy 4 - 4 and get 8% off


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Written by Tricia on Apr 23rd 2018

cinnamon almonds-sampler package

Can't believe have yummy these are. Will definitely order again. I really appreciate the free samples. Lets you taste all the other nuts and flavors that are available

Written by Matthew menihan on Apr 23rd 2018

Classic cinnamon almonds

Just like you buy from the cart vendor in NYC that you have the craving for in Florida. Awesome. Love them

Written by Joan K Battle on Apr 17th 2018

Classic cinnamon almonds

Loved by the entire family! Fresh and delicious!

Written by Marcia Kopteros on Mar 20th 2018

My almonds.

I keep ordering them so I'm very happy with them. At the first order a long time ago I had a issue. But it was handled nicely and I'm ordering them constantly. So I thank you.

Written by Janet Schmidt on Feb 11th 2018

Nuts you'll crave.

These nuts are simply delicious.

Written by Susan Graham on Feb 10th 2018


These were the best I've ever had. The taste was so good. The nuts were fresh and you could smell them before you opened the bag. I will be buying more.

Written by Mimi on Jan 22nd 2018

Better than the mall

The best cinnamon almonds I ever had. The only thing missing is them being warm.

Written by on Dec 26th 2017

Cinnamon almonds

Totally delicious!

Written by Kaitlyn on Dec 17th 2017

Cinnamon almonds

They were absolutely amazing . The packaging was original and I enjoyed that aspect as well. I was also shipped a sample of the cinnamon cashews and they were by far the best I've ever eaten!

Written by M. Gutwaks on Dec 15th 2017

Classic Cinnamon Almonds

Awesome! Delish!!! The almonds are huge and the taste is buttery sweet but not overly sweet!! Nice crunch. I feel an addiction coming on!