We Started with Cinnamon Almonds

We Started with Cinnamon Almonds

We started with cinnamon almonds. That was it. Almonds in cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla.  And to make it extra special, we used special ingredients: California almonds, Korintje cinnamon (great flavor, great color), and five fold vanilla.  That was 1988.

Now, 30 yearls later, we've added all kinds of recipes and we continue to follow the same basic formula for our work:

Great Ingredients + Great People (skilled roasters) + Refined Cooking Methods = Fresh Products (at prices we can

afford to sell).

For the price, we usually have more to offer than anyone else online, and we are glad to be able to.  Take a look at our offerings, we've undergone some changes recently, but we're still maintaining the same focus and philosophy. Let me know how it works for you.