40 oz Jar Flavored Almonds


Tall and mighty, this 40 oz. sturdy jar of our classic, bestseller - cinnamon roasted almonds - is a counter-top essential for any kitchen.

(Now available in a variety of flavored nuts - choose your FAVORITE from the drop-down menu).

We purchase the finest California almonds, then dry roast them (never in oil!) with a simple yet exotic blend of Korintje cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar.

Our proprietary method of manufacturing locks in the pungent aroma and taste, and the two fold vanilla coating adds a creamy finish.

These cinnamon almonds, look, smell, and taste HEAVENLY.

Made to order means we only roast them after you order, so you're not getting a product that's been sitting on a supermarket shelf for half a year or longer.

Now available in a variety of flavored nuts. 

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Written by Carol Nasca on Apr 28th 2018

Flavorded Almonds.

I ordered Cinnamon and received HONEY. Is this normal for your business to ship the incorrect item?

Written by Nick on Mar 14th 2018

Cinnamon Almonds

Great taste

Written by Randy on Mar 7th 2018

Cinnamon Almonds

Great snack.

Written by Robert L Sharp on Feb 20th 2018


Great product

Written by Jennifer Smith on Feb 12th 2018

40 oz jar of cinnamon almonds

The its a reason you've been in business for 29 years... Your products are fantastic! My husband was involved in a hunting accident and lost his leg. I found your website while sitting in the hospital. Your website is easy to use and very helpful. I wanted to get him a treat for valentines day and thought the 40oz jar would last him awhile... He loved then so much that they're gone already! Takes them to physically therapy and shares with everyone! Going to have to order even more the next time!!

Written by Sheryl on Jan 24th 2018

Toasted Almonds


Written by Bonnie on Jan 3rd 2018

Cinnamon almonds

So delicious! A big hit with the whole family!

Written by Dianne Waters on Oct 11th 2017

Cinnamon almonds were awesome!


Written by Whitley on Oct 9th 2017

Cinnamon Almonds


Written by JF on Oct 9th 2017


So delicious! I can't stop eating them.