Tall and mighty, this 40 oz. sturdy jar of our newest bestseller - Buffalo roasted peanuts - is an essential for any game-night party.

Dry roasting ensures a healthier nut with long-lasting flavor and freshness, and our proprietary Buffalo-flavored coating strikes just the right balance between spicy and sweet.

These sweet-heat peanuts are IMPOSSIBLE to put down, and at parties, they go QUICK!

Made to order means we only roast them after you order, so you're not getting a product that's been sitting on a supermarket shelf for half a year or longer.

Want to try something new?

Now available in a variety of flavored nuts. Just click.

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Raspberry peanuts

Lori Collins on Mar 21st 2018

The best tasting peanut by far. I'm addicted


Randy Bisnett on Jan 21st 2018

I think these nuts may be more addicting than crack!


Richard Paige on Dec 19th 2017

I'll be ordering more


Renee on Sep 22nd 2017

Buffalo peanuts were very good, kind of reminds me of french burnt peanuts but much, much better because the outside coating is just the right level of crunch. Very flavorful too.