Party Starter Snack Mix - 3 lb. Box with 10 Cups

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Party Starter Snack Mix  - 3 lb. Box with 10 Cups

You've got a party to start, and we're here to help!

This is a 3 lb. bulk box (trust us, you'll need this much on hand) of any 1 of our most popular bar and party mixes, and it comes complete with 10 serving cups!

Choose any 1 of the following popular party-starter mixes: 

  1. Buffalo Mix (Buffalo peanuts, roasted/salted peanuts, honey sesame sticks, and pretzel nuggets)
  2. Cajun Mix (rice crackers sprinkled with ground Cayenne pepper, roasted/salted peanuts, and Cajun sesame sticks - HOT!) 
  3. Tavern Mix (roasted/salted peanuts, salted sesame sticks, pretzel nuggets, roasted/salted cashews, and roasted/salted almonds)
  4. Mixed Nuts (roasted/salted...peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, and walnuts)

All of the above mixes are made on the premises, to order - which means we only make them after you order them.

NO STALE MIXES that have been sitting on a supermarket shelf for half a year or longer!

Nothing kills a party like running out of good snacks early on. Your guests will enjoy themselves and love you for keeping them satisfied with our addictive, homemade party mixes.

These are FRESH!

All of the above mixes are available to order as 1 oz. sample bags.

Try 'em all and tell us which is your favorite!