Chef's Delight Sampler Package

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Watch the video for culinary inspiration.

Here are fresh roasted, flavored nuts, crumbles, and 100% pure fruit honeys for snacking, recipes (cooking AND baking) and to top off EVERYTHING!

You get:

4 Flavor Variety Pack of Fruit Honeys (Date Silan, Apricot, Raisin, and Plum).  These are just fruit. No preservatives, no coloring added.

3 Half lb. bags of our most popular flavored nuts (Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, Tamari Flavored Almonds, and Vanilla Rum Pecans) 

2 One lb. bags of Flavored Nut Crumbler Toppings (PERFECT for baking, and toppings for ice cream and salads)

5 Variety Pack of "Salad Nuts" - PERFECT for transforming salads into delicious works of art (Curry Cashews, Waldorf Walnuts, Sunflower Power, Cranberry Almonds, and Tamari Sesame Seeds) 

$115 Value, for only $99!