Buffalo Cashew Crunch (1/2 lb. Jar)


Sweet, savory, and spicy! These Buffalo Cashews are our signature product and this convenient, half pound jar is one of our most popular items!

Dry roasting ensures a healthier nut with long-lasting flavor and freshness, and our proprietary Buffalo-flavored coating strikes just the right balance between spicy and sweet.

These cashews are IMPOSSIBLE to put down.  

(Look for the BULK option below or click here if you'll be eating this around anyone else; trust us, it goes QUICK!)



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Written by Nancy on Sep 22nd 2017

Buffalo Cashew Crunch

Got a sample and we love it will order this for the holidays

Written by James on Sep 20th 2017

Buffalo Cashew Crunch

It had a nice spicey kick to it. Not too strong. It lacked buffalo taste however, Just basically tastes like deep fried cashews with some spice to em. They were good, but not quite what I was expecting.

Written by Rolexia pittman on Sep 20th 2017


These was the best nuts I have had in a long time. I had ate them all before I even noticed. My husband and I were actually fighting over them. I will be buying more soon

Written by Brandon on Sep 19th 2017

buffalo cashew crunch

Very tasty, but not very crunchy. The cinnamon nuts were much crunchier, theses were actually pretty soft. Still quite good though.

Written by Rj Silvera on Sep 15th 2017


They were so good, I couldn't stop eating them. I thought they were going to be spicier but I still loved it. It was sweet at first and then there was a kick of spice at the end, it was great

Written by Joyleta on Sep 12th 2017

Good flavor.

I thought the buffalo was good. I wish it had more buffalo flavor and less sweetness and that would give it 5 stars. Overall good flavor!

Written by Alice Fraser on Sep 8th 2017

Buffalo crunch