Buffalo Cashew Crunch (1/2 lb. Jar)


Sweet, savory, and spicy! These Buffalo Cashews are our signature product and this convenient, half pound jar is one of our most popular items!

Dry roasting ensures a healthier nut with long-lasting flavor and freshness, and our proprietary Buffalo-flavored coating strikes just the right balance between spicy and sweet.

These cashews are IMPOSSIBLE to put down.  

(Look for the BULK option below or click here if you'll be eating this around anyone else; trust us, it goes QUICK!)



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Written by Arben Jakupi on Feb 8th 2018


very tasty, spicy just a perfect blend

Written by Ray Brown on Jan 23rd 2018

Ray Brown

The taste was the best I ever had, but I only got bits and pieces of the cashew like crumbs no whole nut. Still taste great

Written by Belinda Lewis on Dec 31st 2017


This was my first time trying the buffalo cashews and must admit that they were pretty good.

Written by Matt H on Dec 29th 2017


These things are addictive! Honestly one of my new favorite foods.

Written by Inga on Dec 13th 2017

Buffalo Cashews

Awesome! So good!

Written by jon on Dec 5th 2017

Great product

Also enjoyed the cinnamon

Written by Laura on Nov 17th 2017

Buffalo Cashew Crunch

They were good but not really too spicy

Written by christy smith on Sep 29th 2017

buffalo cashews

these are very good , little bite y in each piece and very fresh

Written by Melony Negron on Sep 26th 2017

Spicy Revenge

I loved this one, I think it may just be my favorite!!

Written by Caitlin on Sep 23rd 2017


I wish I would have just ordered 20 pounds of the buffalo cashew crunch. It’s DELICIOUS! Highly recommend to everyone, so worth the price!